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23.03.2023 14:47
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23.03.2023 14:30
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23.03.2023 14:29
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23.03.2023 14:02
Menulog Food Delivery Ser
Menulog was founded in the year, 2006, In the eleven years since the company has undergone significant change. The market for food delivery has also undergone significant upheaval. The goal of Menulog Food Delivery Service is to make eating enjoyable for each individual. Australia and New Zealand are home to chains owned by Menulog. It is an online store with the intention of sending out food and drinks. The corporate headquarters are in Sydney, New South Wales. The parent firm of Menulog, "Simply Eat," a British corporation, owns Menulog. There are already more than 8700 restaurants and food chains that are partners with Menulog.

23.03.2023 14:00
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23.03.2023 13:58

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